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First Edition of “The Roar” Available Now

Guys and girls… it is with much excitement that we present to you the first edition of “The Roar”, the new club newsletter bringing you up to speed with everything going on around the club. Senior player Sean “Pow Pow” Powyer has been hard at work putting this baby together, and it is well worth

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Ladies Preseason Wrap-Up

Over the past two years our female football program at the UQAFC has developed with great momentum. From humble beginnings as a handful of girls meeting to have a kick, the way in which our squad has grown into two fully fledged senior women’s football teams is nothing short of remarkable. In it’s original incarnation

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Team of the Year Selections

Congratulations to Michael “Vegas” Stewart and Sharni “Sharkbait” Webb on respectively being selected in the 2014 QAFL and QWAFL teams of the year at last night’s J. A. Grogan Medal night at the Gabba. Vegas was a consistent performer for UQ in their inaugural year in the QAFL, providing much needed experience to the young

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Red Lionesses Secure Nailbiting Second Victory

How would you describe the role of a lioness? Well this weeks round of footy definitely rang true to the original meaning of the lionesses role within the pride… (ahem I mean Club). “Lionesses are a coordinated group with members who perform the same role consistently in order to stalk and bring down their prey

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