Crill’s Corner: Colts Preseason Wrap-Up

It has been an exciting start to the year for the UQAFC Colts. A new competition structure and a new set of faces ready to rip in to what will be a year that will build on the solid finish to 2014.

Returning for my third year, I have never been more excited about the prospects that lie waiting for us in 2015. The increase to U/19 has only helped our squad; many players joined our club for the first time at the age of 18 from the country, coast and interstate to study at UQ. These new UQ Colts, who are no strangers to playing at the top level along with our loyal regulars, have bonded earlier in the year and look set to have a cracking season on and off the field. Uni has kicked off in recent weeks and we have seen an influx of new recruits that are sure to put pressure on existing players who expect to still hold their positions on the team.

Like all seasons, it is unfortunate to see a few crowd favourites graduate to senior footy over the summer; Joshy Gale, Hoops, Broomy, the naturally talented Cavaye and the tough as nails Bubby. However, I’m happy to say that you’ve all been quickly replaced (ouch!) with the likes of Jayden ‘my hair will get me votes’ Johnson-Moody, Scott ‘I’ve already won coaches award’ Williams, Liam ‘relentless’ Reynolds, Oscar ‘nice guy’ Verrall, Jack ‘future B&F’ Davidson and a plethora of others busting to get out on the field for round one.

Then there are the retuning players… much can be said about these boys. They have stuck together during the tough times and have celebrated like no other during the good. Playing with your mates is what the Colts are all about and these guys make the most of it. Pettis and his twin Zander have been great all preseason, pushing themselves to their limit since November, D’Roza has been vocal early on and looks set for a big year. The boys who are entering their third year of Colts footy will have to push themselves further than they’ve ever done before. I am also excited to see what Zach, Cowlo, Spurgin and Plugga have to offer, after finishing with very solid seasons, and let’s not forget last year’s B&F Johnno Mac who is set to run rings around the opposition.

Preseason really took off in February for the Colts. Numbers were swelling earlier than usual this year, allowing us to break away from the senior group to focus on our fitness, skills and game plan. The 3km time trials showed us what was required and the boys have been nothing short of excellent. The current application to the hard running and ball winning game plan we are implementing is fantastic. After sitting the boys down recently to map out our plan for the year, I can say I have never been more confident in the group that sat in front of me. We are under no illusion, it will be tough…but we will be tougher.


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