For many of us, this club has given a great deal in terms of who we are and now as much as ever, the club needs you to give back.  There are two ways people can help the club; by giving time to the cause or helping the club financially by enabling it to build on its already rich 60 years of history.

I am sure many of you donate to a charity or foundation, I make a $50 a month donation and now you can do the same with the Red Lions Sustainability Fund. This is regulated through the Australian Sports Foundation.

The club has a long-term aspiration to reach a magical $1m mark where the proceeds will eventually be invested conservatively in order to generate a revenue stream where any income will ensure our financial durability and the ongoing success of the club. Income will ensure there is always a home for the Red Lion Community at UQ and most importantly, the fabric, conscious, spirit and values of your club will be around long after any of us are associated.

It’s a big goal, however if we ‘think big’, magic happens.

You will be acknowledged on the website as being a Red Lion donor, no donation amount will be disclosed, so no matter how big or small your contribution, it all helps and every contribution is valued. We look forward to working with everyone, doing their bit, like any great club, to make big things happen at the Red Lions.

We are a not for profit, incorporated association. All funds contributed to the UQAFC Red Lions Fund will be applied to the sustainability and development of the club including scholarships awarded on behalf of the club.

For more information please contact club president Ben Coombs.