Football in 2013


Tuesday evening saw the committee and several guests gather to discuss the invitation from the league to consider competing in Division 1, potentially in 2013. Having received some healthy feedback at the presentation night from a broad spectrum of views, we sat down to canvass many of the issues we’ll need to work through to consider the move. In attendance were Peter Herring, Travis Warren, Pete Rosengren, Anthony Lee, Matthew Stewart, Craig Hahn, Brad Percy and Brenton Crilly. Richie Bennett, Tim MacKinley and Chris Burgess sent apologies to the meeting however provided their views separately.

Initially Red provided background to the invitation and the view of the club from the key stakeholders (UQ, UQ Sport, AFL, Sponsors, Alumni). He also provided some insight into the structures and experiences of the Sydney Uni AFC with their progression to NEAFL in the last 3 years. Initially it was agreed that progression to higher levels was a goal of the club, that the club should aspire to be “the best we can be” on and off the field. Providing the opportunity to our members to achieve success at higher levels of the sport was agreed to be a key role of our club. Having agreed we were int

erested in promotion, we then spent some time exploring the key areas of the club that would be fundamental to success going forward: the resources the club would need to progress, the player group, coaching resources and the commitment, cultural needs and administration of the organisation as a whole.

Within each key area, we identified several aspects that the club either has in place, has not developed as yet to any degree and has in place to some degree and would need to improve. The group agreed that the senior coaching appointment was fundamental to the club’s progress while at the same time, attracting a top flight coach may be easier if the club is competing at a higher level. The discussion finished having identified the gaps between where we are and where we need to potentially be. This will provide a solid base with which to discuss the opportunity with the league Thursday Sep 20th to further understand league expectations, models of how other clubs operate and learnings from clubs operating at that level.

Following this AFL meeting we will be calling a meeting for further sharing of information and discussions with the player group for further feedback.

Peter Herring