Player Education Session Follow Up

The UQAFC would like to thank all of our players for getting behind the player education session last Thursday night. The boys and girls picked up plenty of life-lessons from Aaron Hall from AFLQ. Aaron has just sent us through a couple of follow up points to take away from the evening…

Thanks again for your contribution to our education session. Some key take home messages and important post sessions actions:


1. The issue of vilification is more than just policy. It’s about changing your language around the club to:
a. Best support your mates. From our session, we can see that this is an issue that impacts everyone.
b. Maintain the club reputation and integrity within the community, especially in the eyes of sponsors and potential members.
c. Play your role as leaders of the game, from the juniors through to the entire football community.

2. It’s important to Make a Stand against vilification. Have a chat to a mate when they are acting inappropriately or in the event, speak to your club complaints officer.

It’s important to know there are always people that are there for you. You can speak to a friend, family or seek professional assistance.

ASADA Anti-Doping

1. Have you checked your substances? Visit to check your substances. Check every year from 1st January.

2. Save this number in your phone – 13 000 ASADA (13 000 27232) – call the hotline to ask from an ASADA representative about medications/substances

3. Remember:
a. Always check your substances first – it’s a simple process that can save your career.
b. Supplements carry a risk. If you decide to take them, minimise your risk and never order from overseas.
c. Use your support team (club doctor/your doctor/ASADA website and hotline) but remember, ultimately you are responsible.

Thanks again for your involvement in this program and all the best this season.

Aaron Hall