QAFL Seniors Set To Surprise In Last Round Of 2014 Season

And here we are – the last game for the 2014 season! Our 1st season in the QAFL has been a long one with multiple injuries & tough opposition, but the spirit & form has been good for the last month or so….minus last week’s blip against Morningside.

This Saturday provides us 1 more chance for a big W to finish the season & end on a high….but it’s not going to be easy! It’s been made even more difficult with the loss of young gun Dan ‘Moo Moo’ Mauch last week to a broken arm & Liam ‘Einstein’ Williams tearing his hamstring at training on Thursday.

On the positive side a few blokes have pulled up OK who were in doubt & there has been an overwhelming response from the playing group to chip in to fly Tom ‘Dig Dig’ Warby back for the last game! Warbs works out bush on a FIFO basis so could only play every second week where he’s paid for his own flights & accom….however with multiple players sticking their short, crocodile like arms into those deep moth ridden pockets, we’ve been able to cover the fare so Warbs is in for the last game & festivities to follow.

So that leaves us with a reasonably strong team to take into the last game….with nothing to lose but No Excuses either!! It should be a close, tough contest as it will be both teams last game for the season regardless of result….

Game on!!

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